Saturday, December 8, 2012

SIP Orals

Greetings all!

As Christmas approaches, it means a lot of things. For Covenant students, it means final exams and (eventually) Christmas break. For Covenant sociology seniors, it also means SIP Orals.

At Covenant, seniors are required to research and write a Senior Integration Paper, which is essentially an undergraduate thesis. Though nowhere near as long and detailed as a graduate thesis, it still gives the student a chance to practice researching and writing a formal research paper in their chosen field(s) of study. At Covenant, it is also the culmination of your studies here.

In addition to the paper, students are also required to give an oral presentation of their topic paper. While the format for these orals varies from major to major, in the sociology department it consists of a short presentation and a question-and-answer session with the presenter.

As a sociology senior myself, I am happy to report that our SIP orals are officially over! Presentations covered a wide variety of topics, including how introverts use technology, serial killers, and the institutions surrounding care for orphans in Africa.

Here are some pictures from the first group of presenters! The others went just this morning, so hopefully pictures of them will be uploaded soon.