Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Is Atheism a Religion?

Just this morning, I stumbled upon an article in the New York Times. Actually, it is less of an article and more of an ongoing discussion, that will at one time be ongoing. At the moment, it's really just a bunch of short opinion pieces by eight or nine different authors from a variety of backgrounds.

While that may sound confusing at best, the topic of discussion is rather interesting: atheism. That's right, they're talking about atheism. Not atheists attacking one religion or another or trying to debunk religion, but rather talking about atheism itself. Specifically, the overarching question being posed on the discussion is "Is Atheism a religion?"
The logic and higher reasoning displayed here
is sure to convert the masses to your cause.

This is interesting, because for all the news headlines that atheists get, usually it is in reference to what they say about other religions, or about conflict between theists and atheists. But these authors, several of whom are atheists themselves, attempt to explain their lack of faith and flesh out their reasons for denying theism. A few criticisms have even been offered, by both theists and atheists themselves, about their religion (or lack thereof).

If anything, this article does show you the sometimes fractured nature of the atheist community, and that they are not all the militant God-haters theists sometimes portray them as.

So anyways, you should check the article/debate out.

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